Automating homes and offices with custom technology solutions.

We all used to watch shows like the Jetson’s and think “How awesome would it be to have a house like that!”  Well guess what? That time is upon us!

In the last few years, the home and office automation market has really started to boom.  There are more and more people having automation installed which in turn is bringing down the prices and increasing the scope of available automated solutions.

You would be surprised at just what can be automated today, and with automation solutions starting from as little as $1000, isn’t it about time you find out?

What can be Automated?

Home Theatre and AV

Designing and installation of home theatre and home cinema as well as audio visual solutions for home and office.

Security and Concierge

A wide range of security and concierge solutions including (but not limited to) cameras, door locks, intercoms and alarm systems

Multi Room Audio

Centralized and automated distribution of audio throughout the home and office. Can be controlled through a mobile device.

Air Conditioning and Thermastat

Have your house at the perfect temperature when you arrive home from work. Not only is it comfortable but much more energy efficient.

Controlled Lighting

Networked lighting solutions that allow for control of all your lighting from one keypad, remote or mobile device. Can even set up automated scheduling.

Pools, Retic and more!

There are a wide range of processes around the home and office that you are able to automate, even including coffee machines!

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