Promote your business with flair using eye catching, interactive digital signage .

Digital Signage is fast becoming a popular method of promotion across a broad range of industries. You may have seen them as menu boards in cafes and restaurants, displaying property in real-estate offices, in doctors surgeries or the post office promoting services, or even in retail outlets.

The versatility of digital signage allows for an incredible number of applications across a broad spectrum of industries. The ability to update the content of a digital sign remotely is a godsend for businesses that have multiple locations, or have a sign that is in a hard to reach spot, such as on a roof or high up on the outside of a building.

What can a digital sign do?

Live Streaming

You can display live stream video from TV, Foxtel or other provider on part or, or all of your digital sign. This can be a strong draw card for some industries.

Video playback

If you have any recorded promotional video material, you can play this back on part or all of your screen to capture the attention of customers.

Scrolling text

You can have a banner of scrolling text on your display that can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. specials, events, news etc.

Weather and clock widgets

These can be used in a variety of ways. Fantastic for travel agents and companies that deal with multiple regions and time zones.

Social media tickers

Here you can display a Facebook or Twitter feed to your customers. A great way to get them involved and follow you on social media.

Static images

Do you have some great product images or static promotional material? These will stand out brilliantly on a bright digital sign.

Multiple transition types

Swap between your images and displayed content with an array of smooth, visual transitions which are easy to set up and customise.

Touch screen

Take customer interaction one step further with the touch screen option. Great for directories, product listings and information resources.

The supported media types can be displayed in a wide variety of layouts. You could use one of the 50+ templates or create your own unique design. The display can be split in a number of sections and each section can have a unique media type displayed. Want to show the football, with a banner add on the right selling your products and have your twitter feed coming up along the bottom? No problems!!

What type of screens are available?

There are many screen options available and all will depend on your requirements. Do you need a small 10 inch screen beside a product on a shelf, or an 80 inch touch screen that guides customers in finding what they need? Is your display going to be in a dimly lit indoor area or outside in the weather in bright light? Are you looking for a single screen, or would you like a wall full of screens that work together as a single unit? What about a transparent digital sign that you can have your products behind and have the display highlight features with graphical elements.

Whatever your signage needs are, Wolfe Systems has a digital signage solution that will deliver your message in a cost effective, simple to use manner.

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