Slash your communication expenditure with our internet and phone solutions.

With the constant improvement of communication infrastructure in Australia, such as the implementation of NBN, the use of VOIP phone systems is fast becoming a more feasible solution for business communication.

VOIP greatly reduces the need to have multiple incoming landlines, and uses data to make calls rather than phone line systems.  This means great savings on both infrastructure and call costs.

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Just a few of our Cloud IT Services

Internet Connections

We can supply a range of internet connection solutions to suit your business requirements, including ADSL, NBN and direct fibre connections.

VOIP Phones

With the implementation on NBN and availability of high speed internet, VOIP systems are becoming a cost effective and viable phone solutions

Windows and Mac compatability

Our PBX and communication systems are both Mac and Windows compatible and can work cross platform.

Android and IOS application

Our VOIP solution includes an app that allows free calls from mobile devices as well as have office calls to be transfered to and from moblie phones (uses data)

Supported Equipment

There are a large range of supported equipment that can be integrated into our VOIP solutions. We may be able to use what you already have

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